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Any number of sales persons have like fleeting meteors flashed across the horizon and sunk into oblivion. Only rare become POLE-STARS. Steadfast in purpose and relentless in resolve, they spread their guiding light in all directions.

Bharat Parekh is truly a pole-star. I have known Bharat Parekh for more than a decade and have admired the way he has reached dizzying heights from humble beginnings and yet retained his disarming humility and overpowering simplicity. And now like the pole-star he spreads the guiding light of legendary success through his lucidly illustrated book ‘Adding More to Life’.

Here is a book that will inspire you to action and lead to an incredible transformation of your personality. A book you will crave to revert to again and again to savour its powerful messages that will unleash your creative but hidden energy and guide you towards the crest of excellence.

Thank you Bharat. You have rendered an unforgettable service to the insurance industry.

LIC of India