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Best Sales Idea Award

Dear Friends,

All of us are born with two great gifts, our mind and our time. It is up to us to do what we please to make most of both. How much we are able to put them to maximum use will determine our destiny. The choice is ours.” Having himself made a choice to succeed he takes you through a gripping journey of a profession that promises ‘Freedom of Action’, ‘Flexible working hours’ and ‘Unlimited financial opportunity’.

Here is a book completely free of jargon but thoroughly experiential in its essence as it demystifies a profession often considered difficult and uncertain and goes on to reveal the secrets of translating trust into future business.

Every chapter is like the rung of a smooth ladder that elevates you with ease till you realize how high you have ascended. Beginning with the concept of Human Life Value which is the basis of determining insurance need, he sets out the fundamentals of goal setting, laying the foundations to build a towering career in marketing insurance.

The most difficult step of a child is the first step. So is for the salesperson. This book guides you to take that step without the fear of a fall as you go through the absorbing delights in ‘Good Morning Mr. Prospect’. He provides answers to the haunting question – ‘How to face the Big No’, the stage where a multitude of salespersons fail and drop out.

Having placed you on a sound footing he begins unraveling the mysteries of reaching the top as you learn how to overpower destiny through ‘determination’ and ‘commitment’ which are the two ultimate mantras of super-success.

Not one to rest on his laurels he captures the spirit of change in ‘In Tune with Time’ and unstintingly shares his rare experience of how to change and grow as the insurance scenario changes with the advent of technology and fierce competition, enabling you to remain ahead of the times.

The final chapters are enriched with practical wisdom that Bharat has secured the hard way and are wonderful sign posts to the destination of success which he reminds us is a journey and not a destination. The grand finale capsules the essence of a heroic journey to excellence.

Here is a book that will inspire you to action and lead to an incredible transformation of your personality. A book you will crave to revert to again and again to savour its powerful messages that will unleash your creative but hidden energy and guide you towards the crest of excellence.